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Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational technology corporation founded in 1984 by Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack. Its headquartered in San Jose, California, and is incorporated in California. It manufactures, develops, and sells telecommunications equipment, networking hardware, and other high-technology products and services. With the help of its several acquired subsidiaries including WebEx, OpenDNS, Jasper, and Jabber, it specializes in particular tech markets including Domain security, Internet of things (IoT), and energy management. It comes as one of the best brands for the routers. Cisco routers are purchased by lots of people across the world for its inexpensive band connections and extensive network support. These routers can be utilized for both the home and office to make the work easier. However, the Cisco router is pretty straightforward to set up, but still, several people face some technical hindrance or issues while using their routers that are essential to fix properly. But all the users are not tech-savvy, they need proper help by experienced technician sitting at the Cisco router setup service. For this, they just need to call Cisco customer service number. They can get this Cisco number from the official site where they can also use the Cisco support chat for help. But here, Cisco support phone number surely proves the reliable way for every user where they will be capable to get instant support number

Cisco Router Setup >> How to login Cisco router?

Before starting this method, you have to be linked to the router. For this, you can utilize an Ethernet cable or wireless connection. You cannot sign in to the dashboard of the Cisco router if you aren’t linked to the router. The process provided below will help you to complete this task easily. In case of any trouble, call the Cisco support phone number.

  1. Launch your internet browser and enter as the IP address into the address bar. In case, this IP address does not work, you can search for the default IP address list via the main site. A login window will appear asking you for providing your Cisco router login username and password.
  2. Provide your Cisco router default password and username. In case, you don’t have your login credentials, search them on the main website or in the user manual.
  3. After doing all these things, simply click the “Login” button. And then you will be taken to your computer’s dashboard. For further help regarding Cisco router login, call Cisco support number.

These are some simple steps that will help you to log in to your Cisco router account easily. In case, you face trouble with any kind of technical issue while logging to the Cisco router, you are free to call Cisco customer service number that is present 24 hours round the clock. The Cisco customer support team has top-notched knowledge in solving any type of problem in a short span of time. You can also get the best assistance from any reliable 3rd party Cisco tech support number.

Cisco Help Desk >> How to reset Cisco router to Factory default

For resetting the Cisco router to the factory default (eliminating the startup Cisco router configuration file), follow these points listed below. In case of any issue, just dial the Cisco phone number for better assistance and guidance.

  1. To remove the configuration file, enter the “erase nvram:” command. After that, reloading the router by providing “reload” command is necessary.
  2. In case, it doesn’t work properly, try to break into ROM monitor by providing the break sequence (generally Ctrl & break from the HyperTerminal) from the console connection. Example: rommon1>
  3. Modify the value to configure register for ignoring the startup Cisco router configuration by giving the “confreg” command.

cisco technical support numberExample: rommon 2 > confreg 0x2142

  1. For reloading the router, enter the “reset” command into the given field.

Example: rommon 3 > reset

  1. After booting the router, enter the “enable” command at the router> prompt. The screen changes to Router#, showing that your Cisco router is in the privileged mode now. If anything is unable to understand, then you should take the help of Cisco technical support number.
  2. If you want to access config mode, then enter “config terminal” command. You will now see a Router(config)#prompt.
  3. For changing the configure register to identify the startup configuration, enter the “config-register” command.

Example: Router(config)#config-register 0x2102

  1. To break out of configuration mode, click Ctrl + Z keys simultaneously. In order to save the blank configuration, enter the “copy-running config-startupconfig” command. In case, you want more about this guide, you can call Cisco support number.

The process of resetting the cisco router to factory default is completed now. Perform all these points given above carefully and complete this session successfully. If you face some sort of technical hindrances or errors while implementing this procedure, then you must directly contact Cisco technical support number and talk with experts sitting at the Cisco router setup service to rectify all your troubles in less time. You can get this Cisco contact number from the official website.

Cisco Support Numbers – Official:

Are you confronting any issue in your Cisco router? Don’t be hassle, get reliable assistance from Cisco help desk, and seek incredible support services by expert technicians. So, if you are looking for an active and official Cisco support phone number, then this guide developed by us will help you properly. We have mentioned here some verified Cisco tech support numbers, Cisco support chat, and email services. All the Cisco contact numbers and other contact options are provided here as per the resources available on the internet. However, all Cisco numbers or other options to contact Cisco help desk are best and workable, but we recommend you to check these details by yourself before using them. If you want to ignore this trouble to find any Cisco customer support number or other things, then you can directly use our support phone number shown on this site. It will connect you to the best independent third-party Cisco phone number.

Cisco customer service number USA/Canada 1 800 553 2447
Cisco support number Canada/USA 1 408 526 7209
Cisco technical support number Australia 1 800 805 227
Cisco customer support number UK 0800 404 7778
Cisco email technical support [email protected]
Cisco chat support for small business Cisco Chat
Cisco customer service 1 (800) 553-6387

Cisco Support Chat >> How to reset Cisco wireless routercisco customer service number

If you reset your Cisco wifi router, then it can resolve several issues that you may face with your system. Depending on the kind of reset you follow, you can set up the settings which were misconfigured and change the web connection that has unexpectedly slowed down or cut out completely. There are two kinds of resets you can follow: A soft or hard reset. If you want to know more about soft or hard reset, then you should call Cisco number. Cisco recommends that you try the soft reset first as this is the instant, and it will not reset the wireless network settings of your router. You can follow a soft reset by disconnecting the power adaptor from the outlet and router. Leave it to disconnect for some time and then connect it again. In case, everything is working, your Cisco wireless router is resolved. If you have forgotten the sign-in details or wish to get rid of all already configured settings, then follow a hard reset. Click the “reset” option on the backside of the router and hold it for a few seconds. You may require using a paperclip, pencil, or pen to do this as the button is tiny. The Cisco router fully resets at this step, and you have a clean slate for configuring the router as you want. If you want help regarding this section, then just call Cisco support phone number. The Cisco customer support team can fix any sort of complex problem most easily. You can use several ways to contact Cisco help desk such as Cisco support chat, personal tech support, remote PC support, and more but Cisco technical support number is one of the fastest and reliable ways to get an effective solution to your issues. For getting a verified Cisco contact number, you have to go to the official site.

Cisco Customer Support >> How to configure the Cisco Router for CCP

After installing the CCP in a Windows workstation, you must configure the cisco routers to be ready for CCP. You have to enable HTTP/HTTPS server on the Cisco router and configure a user database for sign in. After you enable the server and configure the user database on Cisco router, perform these points given below to connect CCP to the router to manage it. If you come across any issues, then just dial Cisco tech support tech support number

  1. Provide the IP address ( of the cisco router to manage, userID, and password into the given fields. If you connect via HTTPS, instead of using HTTP for security, check on the provided check box named “connect securely” and press the OK button.
  2. After some time, the window will show you that CCP has founded the router. You can view the Cisco router name and whether it is linked by HTTPS (secure) or HTTP (non-secure).
  3. Finally, you can begin configuring your Cisco router utilizing CCP, by pressing the “Configure” option shown on the upper left side. For further help, dial Cisco customer service number.

Follow this procedure in step by step manner and complete this configuration session of Cisco router. If any issue persists, contact Cisco customer service number and get in touch with Cisco router setup service for round the clock help. Feel free in asking your queries regarding your Cisco router issues. The technicians will assist you and properly fix your issue. The support team at the Cisco help desk is to make sure that their users fully satisfied and resolves all sorts of external or internal issues instantly. Through Cisco number, you will obtain prompt resolutions regarding cisco router. You are also permitted to use our support number posted on this site. In case, you could not connect with the official Cisco contact number, then you can call us and connect with the best independent third-party Cisco tech support number via our support number.

Cisco Router Setup >> How to change Cisco router password?

It is quite straight-forward to change the password of cisco router via this process given below. Follow this comprehensive procedure and reset your password easily. If you confront any difficulty while executing this process, you can dial Cisco phone number or Cisco support chat for expert assistance.

  1. Firstly, link your PC to a numbered port on the Cisco router’s back utilizing Ethernet cable.
  2. Open your internet browser by double-pressing on its desktop icon. Locate the configuration menus of the router. The IP addresses depend on the particular model. If anything is not understandable, then dial Cisco tech support contact number
  3. Open the network security configuration menu. i.e., for a WRT54GS, press the “wireless” and then hit the “wireless security” option.
  4. Select the new Cisco router password and then provide it into the configuration utility of the router.
  5. At last, press the “Save Settings” for saving your new Cisco router password. For further help regarding Cisco router change password, dial Cisco support phone number.

If you follow these points listed above thoroughly, then you can easily change the Cisco router password. Doing so, you don’t need to face any kind of trouble while changing the password. Still, if you stuck anywhere and you seek assistance regarding your router issue, then you require calling the Cisco contact number. As soon as, you dial Cisco number, you will be assigned the best technicians. The experts are intelligent and more versatile in eliminating all issues or errors. They can troubleshoot diverse problems instantly via Cisco technical support number. If you seek for reliable and certified Cisco phone number, then you have to visit the main site. You may also take the aid of any 3rd-party Cisco support number.