Match Support by Professionals is a Matchmaking website which is very popular these days, it was launched in 1995. Today, serves millions of people in twenty-four different countries. The recent expansion to Mobile application and web has resulted in a lot of traffic on the website and application. Also, a lot of people are looking for their right Match nowadays and they encounter It is a platform where people meet new people, they flirt, they talk and eventually, they fall in love.

One of the reasons for the increasing demand is because it is free. It demands subscription but on for the extra features. You can also use it for free by just registering on it. So, you can just try out the freemium version of One thing which you will need to take care of would be when you put in your card details, you should unsubscribe to the free trial before the renewal.match phone number

If you’re using and find any kind of issue, you may contact help service with the help of customer service phone number. You don’t need to worry about the availability as Match phone number is available 24*7 days a week for people who are using The Match customer care executives available when you contact customer service number are very professional and always tries to deliver the best they can. If the issue persists, you can reach Match customer care through chat, the chat feature is available beside the Match number. You can also use our support number for assistance. It redirects the call to an independent 3rd party contact phone number. Please read the terms and conditions first before calling on our support number.

Match Customer Care >> Canceling the Subscription at

There are various ways for canceling the subscription on, you can do it through the website or using an app. Before you start contacting Match customer care by dialing Match contact number, go through the steps mentioned below. It should help you cancel your subscription and should save the time against calling on Match contact number.

Follow these steps to cancel your Subscription at on PC.

  • Go to
  • Log in to your account by writing your details.
  • Now after selecting your account, click on the settings icon. The setting icon looks like a gear. If you find difficulty in locating the settings button, you can dial Match contact number, contact is available on its website. You just need to go to the contact us tab and you will find Match number. The Match customer care executive will help you navigate through the options.
  • Now Select “Manage/cancel membership”.
  • This would redirect you to a message regarding the cancellation of the automatic renewal. This will be followed by a confirmation email. Log in to your email account and check the confirmation email.

These are some easy steps to unsubscribe to You may contact Match by phone if you find any difficulty while unsubscribing it on your PC. The technical team present on Match phone number are always ready to help users so that they can unsubscribe smoothly and hassle-free. customer service numberOn an Apple device:

Nowadays people are more keen to use on their mobile phone, there are different ways in which you can unsubscribe to the service. You can contact Match by phone through Match contact number for the required assistance. Also, keep in mind following these simple steps can help you solve your problem.

  1. Go to Settings on your Apple device and Now go to iTunes app store.
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password.
  3. Click on “Manage.”
  4. Select as the subscription.
  5. Click on “Cancel Subscription,” you will find it on the bottom of the screen.

This is the complete process to cancel your subscription. In case of any issue, you may use Match customer service phone number. The executives available on Match phone number will help you with every step if you need assistance. customer service number is round the clock service and you can call on customer service number anytime. The executive at Match customer care would ask you for the difficulties you have. Be ready with your doubts so you could question when you dial Match customer service number.

On an Android device:

These are the steps you need to follow while unsubscribing to on your android phone. Follow these before you contact Match by phone i.e. contact number.

  1. Go to Playstore on your homescreen.
  2. Go to account and look for “subscription.” Dial Match number from help if you are not able to locate “subscription.”
  3. Look out for
  4. Click on the cancel button.

These are various methods to unsubscribe on different devices and systems. In case of any trouble, you may contact Match by phone. For that, you will need to dial Match contact number. The well-known technical team is always available on Match customer service number and they will help you in the process. If the issue persists, you may use our essential support number. It transfers the call to an independent 3rd party Match customer service phone number. Please read all the terms & conditions first before dialing our support number and contacting the 3rd party help number. Support numbers – customer service phone number

To ease the search of official Match customer service numbers and other contact options, we have given all the contact details here. You can use any of the contact options and get in touch with the experts. However, the Match customer service phone numbers and other contact options mentioned here are results of the resources available on the internet. In case, meanwhile, these contact options get changed by the OEMs or the manufacturer and if you are unable to use these given contact details, we are not accountable for this. We suggest you to have a thorough check over these customer service numbers and other contact options mentioned here by yourself and then use them. Or else, call on our support number given on this webpage for instant assistance. This support number redirects the customers call to an independent 3rd-party help number.

Match customer care number 1-800-92-MATCH (1-800-926-2824)
Match email support [email protected]

Match Customer Service >> How to view Without Signing Up

One of the best things about is it lets you browse through the website and search for people without even signing in. Many times, people dial contact to seek help related to browsing without signing up. The executive at Match customer service number tries to help in the best possible way but generally following these simple steps, you can browse through the Also, you won’t need to dial Match customer service number.

  1. Go to Match website.
  2. Click on the “Member Sign in” link it should be on the top of the page but make sure you don’t sign in.
  3. Now go to the “Search” tab it is located on the top.
  4. Now lookout for the “Username Search” box this is located on the right side of the page.
  5. Search for users from here, type the username here. If you face any difficulty in finding the search box or using the search box, you can dial Match customer service phone number. The professionals present at help service will connect and assist you when you call contact number.
  6. Click “Go” to view the profile. You can go through the personal information which the person has added on their profile. You won’t be able to interact with them or send winks and emails. The picture you may able to view is going to be only one since you are anonymous. You can also look at the status and the kind of Match she is looking for.

match customer service numberThese are the essential required procedure to search users by going anonymous. If still, you’re unable to search for users, you may take the help of customer service phone number. You would be happy to hear that customer service phone number is always available for the customers to interact them with its team of experts. These people at customer service phone number are the trained professionals. They will surely guide you in the best of the way through Match customer service phone number.

Match Customer Care >> Deleting Account

If you find any trouble deleting the account, just follow a few steps given downward. You can delete the Match account easily. As it is a slow process, do not log in while you are deactivated. Otherwise, it will reactivate your account. Questions have been raised on Match customer service phone number related to the reactivation of the account. It is because people tend to log in again.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your account if you are not signed in, sign in will involve, typing in your username and password.
  3. Go to Profile tap. If you are not able to discover the profile option, go to help and dial Match number. When you call customer service phone number, the customer care executive will help you navigate through the options.
  4. Click on Change/Cancel Membership.
  5. Type password and click Continue Cancellation. You will see a pop up for cancellation.
  6. Now by clicking on this cancel button, you will delete your account.
  7. Also, at last, it will ask you the reason for deleting the account. Make sure you don’t log in to the account it will reactivate the account. For any other assistance, call customer service number.

These are easy steps to follow when you want to get rid of the account. You can leave your feedback by dialing Match phone number. It will connect you to an expert, the expert at Match phone number would take your feedback if you face any trouble. You can contact Match by phone or through email. cares about customer feedback. One of the best things about customer service number is that you can easily go to the contact us tab and find the Match number, and it gives you around the clock service. It lets you ask your doubt at any hour of the day. If the problem still persists, call on our support number. It redirects the call to an independent 3rd party Match customer service number. Please have a look over the terms & conditions first before using our support number.