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dlinkDlink router is a set of networking protocols that allow devices to connect seamlessly to the Internet. It discovers each other on the network and establishes functional network services for data sharing, communication, and entertainment.

Dlink routers are designed to be setup easily, whether you are connecting your router for the first time or adding new devices to your network. A Dlink router can be connected using an Ethernet cable or a wireless connection. If you are using an Ethernet cable, connect the cable to the router’s Ethernet port on the back of the router. If you use a wireless connection, ensure the router is turned on and you have the correct password.

In this document, we will go over “Dlink Router Setup,” “Login to Dlink Router,” “Dlink Firmware Update,” “Dlink Wi-Fi Extender,” and more. You may also contact an independent third-party service provider by the number provided on this site if you find any discrepancies. The executive will connect with you and sort out your issues.

How to connect the Dlink router?

You need to connect to a router to get a successful internet connection. In this article, we will move over some instructions about fixing the Dlink router setup.

Follow such steps to fix the Dlink router setup

  • Choose a place for the Dlink router where easy to make a connection between a router to the broadband gateway from the Internet service provider(ISP) with a LAN cable for a better network experience
  • Make a power connection, then connect your internet service provider’s fiber to the router with a CAT or CAT6 wire
  • Related light of the internet connection will start glowing on the router after a successful internet connection. Connect a device to the Dlink router through a LAN cable to check the internet connection

You can connect multiple computers to the Internet via a LAN cable with a device called a “SWITCH” that will connect to the router.

How to login to Dlink Router? >> Dlink Router Login Support

After a successful connection, login to Dlink router to configure according to usage. Some helpful steps for Dlink router logindlink login

  • Enter the Dlink routers IP address printed on the back side of the Dlink router, or type the Dlink default IP in the search bar of your installed browser. 168.0.1 is your Dlink default IP. Press the “enter” button
  • The Dlink router login page will appear
  • Enter the default username and password for login to Dlink router

The default username is “ADMIN,” and leave the password field blank

  • Click on the “login” option

You have login successfully to your Dlink router. After the first login to Dlink router, Create a username and password for security purposes. Now you can configure your Dlink router according to usage.

How to fix the Dlink Router Setup?  >>  Dlink Setup Help

In this section, we will learn how to login to Dlink router to fix the Dlink setup. Follow the instruction for Dlink Setup: –

  • Open the browser to login to Dlink router with the “Dlink default IP” for setup
  • Enter the username “ADMIN” and Click “login” without entering any password
  • You will login into the Dlink router
  • Select the option “Manual internet connection setup” below the page in the internet section from the left side menu
  • Choose the internet connection type from the drop-down menu, and there will be three options for internet connection type

The configuration detail are given below for each type of internet connection

  1. Dlink router setup for LAN cable connection
  2. To configure the router for LAN cable, Choose the Dynamic IP (DHCP- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) because it automatically provides the IP host with Its IP address
  3. Select the “Clone your mac address” to register the computer Ethernet adapter’s MAC address to allow internet access for the selected device provided by an ISP(internet service provider). It will also block the unregistered user from accessing the internet connection
  4. Enter the hostname and DNS server, etc.( if provided by your Internet service provider; otherwise, leave the space blank)
  5. Select the “save” option

Dlink router setup for a DSL and PPTP connection

  • Select PPPoE from the menu of internet selection type
  • Enter username and password provided by ISP
  • Leave the Dlink routers IP address with “Dynamic” or enter the IP address for Dlink (if provided by the Internet service provider)
  • Click on “save settings.”

Configure Dlink router with static IP address

  • Enter the IP address given by ISP with the DNS server, hostname, Default gateways, subnet mask
  • Tap on “save settings.”

Now, proceed with the Dlink router setup for wireless connection.

Dlink router supports both the frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz according to wireless internet standards.

Follow the steps to configure Dlink wireless internet connection

  • Login to Dlink router by Dlink default IP
  • Select the option “manual wireless connection setup” at the bottom of the page in the “wireless settings” section from the upper left side menu
  • Select the “Enable wireless” option from the “wireless settings.”
  • Choose the “always” option in the visibility section
  • Select the internet standards as per your wireless band frequencies
  • Click on the checkbox along with “Enable Auto Channel Scan.”

Dlink support automatically the channel with its minor interface

  • Select a Wi-Fi network name(SSID)
  • Select the visibility for the Wi-Fi network of the router
  • Tap on “save settings.”

Your device is successfully configured for a Wi-Fi connection. Now connect your device to Wi-Fi and enjoy internet browsing

How to update Dlink Firmware? >> Dlink Firmware Update Supportdlink firmware update

Dlink firmware will upgrade only when your computer is connected to the router via LAN wire. In this section, we will discuss the Dlink firmware update.

Follow the step for the Dlink firmware update

  • Click on the link https://support.Dlink.com/ given to go directly to the “Dlink firmware update” download page
  • Enter your device name and click on the search
  • Click on “download” of Dlink firmware
  • Login to Dlink router (instructions are given above)
  • Click on the “maintenance” tab above the page in the “Manual setup” section
  • Go to the “Firmware update” section from the left menu. Then Tap on the “check now” option on the right of the firmware’s latest version
  • Click “Browse” and find the firmware setup that you downloaded via the link above
  • Click on the “upload” button

The following steps will update your Dlink firmware successfully.

How to set up Dlink range extenders? >> Dlink Wi-Fi extender help

  • Plug in your Dlink wifi extender to the power
  • Go to the wireless utility on your computer. Choose your Dlink range extender name and enter the password(found on wifi configuration card)
  • Login to your Dlink wifi extender by clicking on the link http://Dlinkap.local/
  • Only enter the username and click on “login” without entering the password
  • Click on “Setup wizard” and Tap on “next.”
  • Click on the second option to setup the network manually from the “Setup wizard” section, then click on next
  • Select your wifi network from the list, then click on “select” from the below option
  • Enter the password and click on “next.”
  • Your Dlink range extender will rebroadcast the connection. A network name and password will automatically generate For both the wifi band frequencies. You can also change the network name and password ( if you wish )
  • Click on next
  • A summary page will appear that shows the settings for the uplink router and the connection to the extended Wi-Fi network. And keep this record for future reference

The official support by Dlinkdlink phone number

Dlink is a company that produces networking equipment and has been around since 1986. The company produces a range of products, such as router switches and security cameras which are very popular choices for home users and small businesses. In this article, we have provided information on “Dlink Router Setup,” “Login to Dlink Router,” “Dlink Firmware Update,” “Dlink Wi-Fi Extender,” etc. You can also connect to the Dlink official support executive by the given number. These numbers are taken from online sources and can be changed by the officially authorized person. Therefore, we are not responsible for that. So, kindly check the number before proceeding. The Dlink customer support executive will sort out your issues.

Dlink Support Number
Dlink support number 1 (877) 453-5465
Dlink customer support number USA 1-714-885-6000
Dlink support office number +1 800-326-1688

How to reset a Dlink Router? >> Dlink Router reset help

In this article, you will learn how to reset a Dlink router. Follow the instructions to reset Dlink router.

  • Keep your device “switch on” when resetting a Dlink router. Take a paper pin and insert it into the reset hole (labeled reset) at the back of the router
  • Hold down the paper pin for 10-15 seconds and then release
  • Your router will automatically reboot. When the LED light stops blinking, your router is completely reset to the default settings

Resetting a Dlink router will not show any changes in the Dlink firmware. It will change only router settings

Note: your username will change to default “admin,” and there will be no password.

How to solve Dlink Issues?

If you’re having trouble getting your router up and running, you may need to go through this article section. However, one of the most common issues can be resolved by enabling UPnP on your router.

We’ll also provide some troubleshooting tips for any common issues you may experience

Follow the steps carefully to solve Dlink issues

  • Make sure the power connection is connected correctly
  • Sometimes, there may be a problem with your device, so restart the computer once
  • Check whether your firmware is up to date. If out of date, update Dlink firmware via the above step
  • Resetting your router can also fix problems with your Internet connection.

You can even call on us, independent third party for further help via number on this website.

Dlink Support by Usdlink support

Dlink is a leading global networking company that designs, develops, and manufactures award-winning networking products. Dlink was founded in 1986 and has grown to become one of the largest networking companies in the world. Dlink has a wide range of products that are used to connect with the network. In this article, we have mentioned all the instructions and features about Dlink setup,” “Dlink router login,” “Dlink Firmware Update,” “Dlink range extender,” etc. We have also shared the solutions to fix common issues that a user might experience and have provided several avenues for users to get support for issues that they may have with their products. You can also connect to independent third-party service provider for any discrepancies by the provided number on this site. They will fix out your issues.