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Skype is a telecommunication application launched in 2013 to provide video communication connectivity. Skype offers a bunch of handy features like video calling, messenger. It lets you connect using microphones and webcams. It gained popularity because of its freemium feature boasting to offer free Skype to Skype calls over the internet. Since then Skype has been used by various businesses and corporates. Microsoft took over Skype in 2011 and it has been redesigned since phone number

If you are using Skype and you find any kind of issue, you can connect to Skype support either using the phone by dialing skype support number or else you can also connect through skype support chat. Skype support number lets you connect to Skype customer support over a phone call while the skype support chat lets you connect over a chat messenger. Skype is very simple to use and it is generally very easy to navigate. However, at times people undergo some problems which are generally easy to fix. If the problem still persists, you may utilize our support number for assistance. It redirects the call to an independent third-party Skype customer service phone number 1800. Please go through the given terms & conditions first before dialing our support number.

Skype Setup >> Installing Skype on Windows:

There are various kinds of setup available on the skype website and at times it becomes a little tedious finding the right fit. Before you dial skype customer service phone number 1800, which is the toll-free skype customer service number, we would advise you to follow the given steps to install skype on your laptop.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Get Skype for Windows.
  3. It will instantly start downloading the Skype setup exe file for you. This is the Skype setup file with the S logo on it.
  4. Double-click the SkypeSetup program, this will run the skype setup.
  5. After double-clicking on the Skype setup, the installer will launch, it will ask to select a language. Click on the desirable language by selecting it from the drop-down menu. The initial set up is in English if you find it difficult to navigate through options in English, you can call skype customer service 1 800, this is skype support number and it connects you to the professionals. These professionals available on skype support number will help you navigate through the process.
  6. Now you will see the ‘read and accept the End User License Agreement’ Page. Check the box and click on next. By checking the box, you are agreeing to the End User License Agreement Page.
  7. Tap on the Options button.
  8. Now the Skype Setup will ask if you would want to launch Skype after installation, you can uncheck if you don’t want the setup to launch the application.
  9. Click I Agree and Install. For any other assistance, call Skype support phone number.

skype numberThese are the required methods to install Skype on Windows, the download procedure for Mac is also similar however the installation differs a bit. You can contact skype customer service number or else you can just simply dial skype customer service 1 800 if you find any difficulty while installing on Windows PC. The technical team available at skype help would assist you and provide a solution to the best of their abilities. They are always available to help users for a smooth and hassle-free installation and software support.

Skype Support Numbers – Official:

Skype is the product of Microsoft and all the skype related issues are handled by the Microsoft experts who are tremendous in helping skype users. You can take the help of them regarding your skype issue or else call on our support number for the best result. Our Support number transfers the call to an independent 3rd party Skype phone number. Please check all the given terms and conditions first before making a call on our support number. However, we have mentioned some links here that can help you to reach the official support of Skype and resolve your query over chat or email.

Skype Contact us
Skype Support Forum

Skype Support Chat >> Installing Skype on Mac:

There must be Mac users finding it difficult to install Skype on Mac. The download process is the same, at times people dial skype support phone number to seek help regarding the Mac setup which is available on the website itself. Before dialing skype support phone number and before seeking for skype help, follow these steps.

  1. Follow these steps to Install Skype on customer service
  2. Go to
  3. Click on Get Skype for Mac Os.
  4. Double click on ​Skype for Mac installation file which you can find in the download folder. This should start the installation process. In case of an issue, call Skype support number.
  5. The installation file will launch, a Finder window opens prompting you to add the Skype app to your Applications folder. Now you need to drag the Skype logo to the Application Folder. This is a little tedious step; you can also connect to skype help if you need any help related to Skype. Skype help lets you connect with trained customer service executives on Skype. You can also dial skype phone number if you face any trouble searching for skype phone number. Scroll through the Skype website and you will find skype phone number at the bottom side near the contact us button.
  6. Now launch the app through the launchpad and you will see skype inside the application folder.

This is the complete process to download Skype for Mac. In case of any issue, you may use skype customer service phone number. The executives available on skype customer service phone number will help you in Skype mac download process. Also, you can use our support number mentioned on this webpage. It helps to redirect the call of users to an independent third-party skype customer service phone number 1800. We suggest you have a look over the terms and conditions first before calling on our support number.

Skype Help >> How to Make a Video Call on Skype?

Skype is generally used for connecting through calls and video calls. You can also send files. Although a lot of Skype users find it difficult to make video calls on skype. They seek assistance by calling skype support phone number which is generally found under the contact us tab, the skype number is listed there along with the support email. Skype number lets you connect to skype customer service 1 800 which gives around the clock service. If you follow these steps, you may not need to call skype support phone number

  1. First, you need to login to your account through the application.
  2. After clicking on the application, it will ask you to log in to the application. You will need to write your username and password to log-in to the application. If you find it a little difficult to go to skype help, you can find this easily on their website. Skype help lets you connect with the customer care executive by redirecting you to skype customer service number.
  3. On the left-hand side, you will find contacts. Go to Contacts.
  4. Right-click on the name of the friend and click on Call.
  5. You will find next to the picture of your friend. Options to make both Video call and Phone call. If any problem occurs here, dial the Skype customer service phone number 1800.

Follow the procedure to make video calls on skype. The procedure is very simple and can easily be followed.

So, these are the various procedures for making phone calls and video calls using skype. In case of any difficulty, while going through the above steps, you may freely call on skype support phone number. The skype phone number helps to connect and interact with the technical team. This technical team is aware of various technical issues and after you dial skype phone number and you are connected to them, they start solving your problem. Dialing Skype number is the easiest way of connecting to them. You may easily get the skype number from its official site. If you’re unable to contact skype customer service number due to any circumstances, you may contact skype support chat which you can find in the contact us tab, skype support chat connects you to the customer care executive through the chatbox. This skype customer service phone number is also available if you want to put forward some feedbacks, you can do that by dialing skype customer service 1 800 number. This will connect you to the customer care executive, the customer care executives on skype customer service number and skype support chat are always open to feedback. If the issue still goes on, use our support number. It transfers the call to an independent 3rd party Skype customer service 1 800 number. We suggest you read all the available terms & conditions first before dialing our support number and contacting the 3rd party Skype customer service phone number 1800.