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If you’ve Microsoft installed on your laptop, then you must be familiar with Microsoft edge. The Microsoft Edge browser is the recommended browser of Microsoft. The browser is user friendly and does an amazing job while surfing. It’s got plenty of cool features and is a versatile browser. We’re calling it versatile due to its high compatibility. You can download edge on mac or even windows edge. Edge browser for mac is one of the most convenient browsers for mac devices. The browser was initially released in 2015 as edge windows 10 and has been evolving since then. When windows edge came out in 2015, the Microsoft Edge browser version for Xbox also was released. Subsequently, the edge browser for mac came out in the year 2017. Following the release of Mac edge, mac for Android was also released. Edge for mac can now be installed for free on any Mac device. Soon enough, we’ll see the procedure for installing edge for mac.Edge support

The different operating systems Microsoft edge runs on is includes

  • Edge for Xbox
  • Edge for Android
  • Edge on Mac
  • Edge on iOS
  • Edge on Linux

Edge windows generally comes pre-installed with Windows 10 and versions above it. According to statistics, the Microsoft browser is the 3rd most popular browser among netizens. It lies only behind Google Chrome and Safari. On Apple devices, Safari is the most popular browser. However, Microsoft’s edge for Mac is gradually gaining popularity. Microsoft Edge for Mac is the second most used browser on iOS devices.

Wish to find out more about the installation procedure of Mac edge and how to deal with errors regarding your edge browser for mac. You’re at the right place! Hang on here, as we bring to you the first hand information about Microsoft edge browser for mac and windows. In case of any concern, feel free to call on the number given on this webpage. It will connect your call to an independent 3rd party MS Edge support. The team available on phone call will help you get rid of MS Edge-related concerns. Make sure you read the terms before making a call on the same.

How to Install MS edge | Installing Microsoft edge

As we’ve seen earlier, Microsoft edge is compatible with almost every major operating system. Today we’ll be looking at the process for installing Microsoft edge and uninstalling edge on Mac and Windows based devices. To start off let’s understand how to install Microsoft Edge on Windows and Mac devices.installing microsoft edge

  1. Firstly, open the official website of Microsoft edge on your pre installed browser.
  2. Then select “Microsoft edge for windows” or “edge for mac” depending on your device. Microsoft Edge is compatible with all the windows versions above Windows 7.
  3. For downloading Microsoft edge on your device, click on “accept terms and conditions” and then click on “download”
  4. The installation wizard should generally launch automatically, however if it does not launch automatically, head to downloads and open the installation wizard.
  5. Once the edge browser has been installed, the browser will launch automatically. The browser will ask you if you like to import bookmarks and Google browser history from chrome. Choose according to your preference.

Unsatisfied with the user interface of edge? You can simply try uninstalling edge. If you ever wish to reuse edge or restore the browsing history of edge, you can go for reinstalling Microsoft edge. Wish to find out the process for uninstalling Microsoft edge? Hang on with us as we take you through the steps for uninstalling edge.

Removing Edge from Windows 10

Uninstalling Microsoft edge from windows 10 is relatively Tedious. You can’t simply delete Microsoft edge from your device. You’d need to dive deeper into technology in order to remove edge from windows 10. Given below are the steps for removing edge from windows 10.

  1. Open the command line on your device. For doing so, search for the command prompt. Run the command prompt in the administrator mode
  2. Now you need to open the directory where Microsoft edge program files are installed. Use the following command to change the directory

     cd %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Microsoft\Edge\Application

  1. Here, substitute the xx with the version of Microsoft edge installed on your device
  2. Once the directory is changed successfully, type in the following command
  3. setup –uninstall –force-uninstall –system-
  4. By doing so, you’d have successfully uninstalled Microsoft edge. You might be able to see the icon on the start menu, but when you try to open the browser, it will not launch.

Reinstalling Microsoft edge on your windows device is not highly hassle-free. If you wish to reinstall the Microsoft edge again, follow the MS edge setup & installation procedure!

Microsoft Edge Update | Microsoft Edge SetupMicrosoft Edge setup

Updating edge on your device is very simple. By updating edge, you get to access the newest features and any bugs will be fixed. Wondering how you can update your browser? Follow, the steps listed below respite updating your browser to the latest version.

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser on your device. Then open the “menu” by clicking on the “three dots” option on the top right corner of your screen.
  2. In the drop down menu, you’ll see several options. Click on “help and feedback”
  3. Another drop down menu will appear on your screen, from this menu select “about Microsoft edge”.
  4. By doing so, Microsoft edge will automatically check for updates(if any).
  5. If a newer version of edge is found, the newest version will automatically be downloaded and installed on your device. Once done, you need to restart edge.
  6. Congratulations, you have successfully updated your Microsoft edge to the newest version

Microsoft Edge Problems

Microsoft Edge Compatibility Problemmicrosoft edge issues

Microsoft Edge compatibility problem is one of the most common problems that a person encounters while using the browser. Edge compatibility problem, as the name suggests is caused due to compatibility issues. As we’ve seen, Microsoft edge is not compatible with all the operating systems and all versions of an operating system. Compatibility problem Microsoft edge hence occurs when we run Microsoft edge on an incompatible system. Microsoft Edge compatibility problem can generally occur when you upgrade your operating system from one version to another. For instance, the Microsoft edge version which is compatible with Windows 7 might not be compatible with windows 10. In such a situation, you might encounter edge compatibility problem. Microsoft Edge compatibility mode hence requires you to use the right version of the operating system as well. If you’re getting a Microsoft edge compatibility mode problem, you need to uninstall edge and reinstall the newest version of edge. To uninstall and install Microsoft edge, you can refer to the sections above!

Microsoft Edge Not Responding | Microsoft Edge Not Working

Microsoft Edge not working is a common error that edge users encounter. Many a time, Microsoft edge not loading pages. This could be due to the browser’s version issue, or Microsoft edge not loading pages error could also be caused due to the server error of the website you are trying to access. Fortunately, there are numerous solutions to Microsoft edge not responding. Here are a few of the quickest fixes to removing Microsoft edge errors. Here’re a few of the best methods of removing Microsoft edge errors.

  1. Close all the unnecessary tabs, often if you’ve too many tabs open, it could result in an error and Microsoft Edge may stop working. Closing the unnecessary tabs will reduce the memory occupied by the processor and fasten the browser.
  2. If edge does not work still, close the browser and relaunch it again. Do ensure to check your internet connection.
  3. Ensure that your Microsoft edge is updated to the latest version. In order to update your browser, follow the steps listed in the section above.
  4. If Microsoft edge is not loading pages, the issue might be due to the server. Try loading other pages on a new tab to check if the issue is due to the webpage you’re trying to load.
  5. Microsoft edge crashing may be due to the lack of space on your Windows 10. It could be difficult for browsers to run smoothly if the disk is full. Microsoft edge crashing can be solved by clearing disk space.
  6. Uninstall malicious extensions from your Microsoft Edge browser. If you’ve installed new extensions to your Microsoft Edge browser, Microsoft edge problems may be due to the new extension. Microsoft Edge not opening rightly can be solved by deleting Microsoft edge extensions.
  7. If Microsoft edge will not open even after trying multiple methods listed above, you can try windows troubleshooting methods. To do so, head to the Settings app on your windows device. Then click “Update & Security”. Further, you need to open Troubleshoot and, in this menu, click on Additional troubleshooters. Click on the following troubleshooters
    • Internet Connections
    • Program Compatibility Troubleshooter
    • Windows Store Apps troubleshooters
    • If you spot any problems which are leading to Microsoft edge issues, solve them immediately
  1. In case you have enabled manual proxy settings, you need to disable them. Microsoft edge slow problems could result in Microsoft Edge will not open a particular webpage. If you’ve changed your proxy settings revert them immediately. To do so, head to settings & click on “network and internet”. Then head to proxy and check your advanced network settings.
  2. Check if you’re using VPN, if yes change the VPN settings. VPN could result in Microsoft edge slow and hence interfere with the functionality of Microsoft edge. Check your VPN settings and if you do not require a VPN, turn it off.
  3. Check the Microsoft account you have logged in using. Microsoft edge issues are often related to the Microsoft account you are using. If Microsoft Edge is unable to sync your account details, then Microsoft edge may not work appropriately and cause issues while loading.
  4. Microsoft edge problems are often associated with the website you are trying to load. Although Microsoft Edge is a high-tech browser, sometimes it may not support certain websites. In such cases, we recommend you try loading the particular website in another browser such as Google Chrome or safari.
  5. In case you’ve verified that all the settings are in place, you can contact Microsoft customer support if Microsoft edge not opening error persists. You could receive more personalized guidance by reaching out to them.

If all the solutions listed above did not seem to work, you can try deleting Microsoft edge and reinstalling it. By deleting Microsoft edge, you revert all the changes you had made in the settings. There’s a good chance that the problem may be solved by deleting and reinstalling Microsoft edge.

Microsoft Edge Help & SupportMicrosoft Edge help

Microsoft Edge is one of the most trendy browsers. Although it has a long way to climb to the top of the list of the most popular browsers, Microsoft Edge has been catching up recently. The browser is highly convenient. However, its search results aren’t as precise as that of a chrome search engine, it is slowly catching up. Since its launch, it’s been expanding its compatibility modes and is now available on almost all major operating systems. Today, we’ve learned all about Microsoft edge. From installation to deletion, to handling errors we’ve looked at a gist of each of them. Hope the overview of this cool and trendy browser helped you!

In case of any concern, feel free to call on the number given on this webpage. It will connect your call to an independent 3rd party MS Edge support. The team available on phone call will help you get rid of MS Edge related concerns. Make sure you read the terms before making a call on the same.