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QSee is a home security camera that has many features, including night vision and remote viewing. QSee is one of the most popular security cameras that provide high-definition picture quality cameras at a price that is affordable for most home users. QSee offers a variety of camera models to choose from.

QSee security camera is a device used to capture video footage. It is often used in cases where visual documentation is needed, such as for security purposes. The device is small and inconspicuous, making it ideal for covert use. The footage it captures can be stored locally on a memory card or remotely on a computer.

With the rise of crime, it’s more important than ever to have security cameras. Security cameras not only act as a deterrent but also give you peace of mind. You can go on vacation and not have to worry about your home. In this context, we mentioned all the features on Q see camera setup, Q see software downloads, Qsee camera installation, q see troubleshooting, Qsee support, etc. You can contact an independent third-party service provider for any discrepancies regarding Q see camera issues. The number is provided on this site. Q see technical support executive will help you to solve your problems.

How to download Qsee Camera Software? >> Q see Software downloads support

With the advancement of technology, home security systems have become more accessible and affordable for the average consumer. As a result, many homes and small business owners are turning to these systems to protect their families and property.

Follow  the below steps for “Q see software download.”

  • Open the web browser, and type Q see view software download in the search bar of your browser’s homepage, then press “enter.”
  • Click on the first link, “Q-See QC View For PC Download,” on the page.
  • Scroll down the page and click on “Download for PC.”


  • Click on the link to go directly to the Q see software download page https://cctvdesk.com/file-download/?filename=QCView_2016_10_10_Setup.zip, then click on “download” to download the setup zip file of Q see camera software
  • Select the location on your computer where to save the setup file
  • Click on “save” for Q see software download zip fileq see software downloads
  • Go to the folder and extract the Q see camera setup file from the downloaded Zip file

You have successfully downloaded the “Q see camera setup file.” Now you can proceed with the Qsee camera installation.

How to install the Q see camera? >> Qsee camera installation help

Install the application on your computer to visually visualize the camera footage.

Here are the step given below for Qsee camera installation: –

Open the folder on your computer where you download the Q see camera setup file.

  • Double-click on the Q see camera setup file
  • An installation confirmation page will appear. Click on “yes.”
  • A Qsee camera installation window will open. Click on “next.”
  • A Q see camera agreement page will open. Click on “agree” at the bottom of the page. Click on the “next” option
  • Select the “functions” you want to install,  then on “next,”
  • Choose the destination folder by clicking on the “browse” option and select the folder where to install
  • Click on “install” and wait for the completion
  • An “install success” page will appear, then click on the tick-box of “Run QC View.” Click on the “finish” at the right corner of the page

Your Qsee camera installation is completed. You can proceed with the login, and Q see camera Setup.

How to download and install Q see camera application on mobile? >> Q see help

You can easily access your camera footage through your mobile from anywhere in the world. And to access your camera, download and install the Q see camera application. Follow the steps to download and install Q see.

qsee download

  • Open the “play store” on android mobile or “app store” in iphone
  • Type Q see view and search
  • Click on the “install” or “get” option
  • Your Q see application will download and install on your device

Now you can login and setup your camera settings as per your usage.

How to connect & setup a Qsee camera? >> Q see camera setup help

After Qsee camera installation, the main thing is to setup rest everything depends on Q see camera setup. This particular security system has some unique features.  Below are the instructions for Qsee Camera setup.

Follow the instruction carefully: –

First, you have to register your product to login. Click on “register product.”

  • Enter your required data, first & last name, and email address, then create a password. Click on register
  • Fix your Qsee camera to the wall
  • Connect your camera port to Q see camera’s DVR port by an Ethernet LAN cable
  • Connect your DVR to the router for an internet connection that helps you to see live footage, and also connects your DVR to a monitor or tv through an HDMI cable or VGA cable
  • Connect a mouse to the DVR
  • Now plug in your DVR to the power connection
  • Now login to your device with the default password “Admin.”
  • Go to “setup wizard,” click on the “next step” option
  • Set the Q-see DVR’s date and time, and click on “next step.”
  • Then change the System login default password. Mark the checkbox for modifying a password
  • Enter the old password, then make a new password. Click on “ok,” then click  on “next step.”
  • Enter your email address and answer a security question. Click on “test.” Enter the authorization code for password change confirmation that You get on the email address.
  • You receive a flash message “successfully modified the password.”
  • You receive a confirmation message of
    1. network status: success
    2. Getting IP address: Success
    3. Device IP address:

Click on “next step.”

  • Go to network settings and choose the network as:
    1. q see camera setupLOCAL & INTERNET – to remotely access the DVR from any pc or mobile via IP address
    2. LOCAL ONLY – if you don’t want to access the DVR remotely
  • If you choose “LOCAL ONLY.”
    • We can directly view your live footage on the monitor that was connected to the DVR through HDMI or VGA cable
  • If you choose “LOCAL & INTERNET.”
    • Then go to the “QC view” mobile app on your mobile (mentioned guidance in the previous paragraph)
    • Select your device
  • Android
  • Apple
  • Computer

Click on “next step.” You will show a QR code at the right of the page

  • Launch your Q see application on mobile and go to the “main menu” from the three horizontal parallel lines at the upper left of the mobile app.
  • Click on “device manager,” then click on the (+) sign in the top right corner
  • Select your device and Scan the QR code.
  • Enter DVR name(can be any name)
  • Enter username “admin” and password
  • Click on “start live preview.” Click on “next step.”
  • Live preview will begin on your device

Your setup wizard is finished. Now please uncheck the “startup wizard” box to turn it off. Click on “ok.”

q see support

Official Qsee Support

Q-C is the premiere CCTV brand, and its innovative security systems have helped them stand in the field of security technology. It takes excellent security seriously, that’s why it developed its DVR equipment with some unique features to ensure everyone’s peace of mind. This article mentioned all the information about Q see camera setup, Q see software downloads, Qsee camera installation, Q see troubleshooting, Qsee support, etc. You can also connect to the official Q see customer support by the given number for any discrepancies. These official Q see support numbers are taken from online sources and can also be changed. We are not responsible for that. So, kindly check before proceeding.

Q see help Numbers
Q see technical support number 852-31053174
Qsee chat support email [email protected]

How to fix the Qsee camera issues? >> Q see troubleshooting support

QSEE is a wireless security camera that delivers high-definition picture quality. When QSee camera or DVR is subject to bugs, glitches, and malfunctions. Make sure you read this guide on how to fix your cam before you find yourself in trouble. But before solving the problem, it is necessary to know the reason behind the QSEE connection problem.

Some common issues and solutions are listed below.

  1. Kindly check your compatible browser internet connections or update your browser
  2. The username or password you enter may be invalid
  3. Check your cable connection that is connected to all devices like cameras, DVRs, routers, etc
  4. Press the reset button for 15 seconds to reset to the default factory settings
  5. Verify that your device is connected to the internet properly

Qsee Support by Us

q see customer support

With crime on rise, security cameras have become more important than ever. Security cameras not only act as a preclusive but give you peace of mind as well. You can go on holiday, and you don’t have to worry about your home. In this context, we mentioned all the features on Q see camera setup, Q see downloads, Qsee installation, Q see troubleshooting, Qsee support, etc. You can contact an independent third-party service provider for any discrepancies regarding any Q see camera issues. The number is provided on this site. Q see technical support executive will help you to solve your problems.