When your Brother printer is not printing, it becomes intimidating, precisely when you have many documents to print. The Brother printer not printing black, Brother wireless printer not printing, Brother Printer not printing ink on paper, Brother printer not printing ink, or Brother printer not printing black properly issue has many causes, and we must recognize them and solve them accordingly. This blog will discuss the common causes and potential solutions to help you resolve these printing issues with your Brother printer.

Brother printer is not printing

Insufficient Ink or Toner limit

Low ink or toner levels are one of the primary reasons for a Brother printer not printing or not printing black.

Solution: Check your printer’s ink or toner levels and replace any depleted cartridges. Regularly monitoring cartridge levels can prevent unexpected printing issues.

Dirty Print Heads

If the print heads are dirty, it can cause a Brother wireless printer not printing.

Solution: Run your printer’s print head cleaning function to clear any blockages. Repeat the process a few times if necessary to ensure proper ink flow. If you have sufficient ink flow, there is less chance of Brother wireless printer not printing errors in your printer.

Incorrect Printer Settings

Incorrect settings can cause a “Brother printer not printing ink” or not print black properly.

Solution: Verify the print settings on your computer, ensuring they match the requirements for your specific print job, such as paper size, print quality, and color settings.

Outdated Printer Drivers

Outdated printer drivers can result in a Brother printer not printing or a Brother wireless printer not printing.

Solution: Visit the Brother printer official website to download and install the latest printer drivers for your specific printer model.

Misaligned Print Heads

Misaligned print heads can cause a Brother printer not printing black properly or not printing ink.

Perform a print head alignment using your printer’s built-in utility to ensure accurate print quality.

Paper Jams or Incorrect Paper Loading

Paper jams or improperly loaded paper can cause a Brother printer not printing ink on paper.

Solution: Check the paper tray for any jams or misaligned paper and clear any obstructions. Ensure that the document is loaded correctly and the tray is not overfilled.

Some Other Possible Solutions for Brother Printer not printingBrother printer not printing properly

Check your printer’s connectivity: Sometimes, when your printer is not connected to the Wifi, computer, or wall socket, it may cause the printer not to print or the printer Brother printer not print color. So you must ensure that your printer gets proper connectivity.

When You Have a USB Printer

If you attach the Brother printer to the PC through a USB wire, you must re-attach it to the computer. You can also change the port if there is damage in one PC port.

When You Have Brother Wireless Printer

If you use Brother wireless printer, you must validate that the PC and printer are the similar internet connection

It will surely solve the Brother printer not printing properly issues efficiently.

Please Make Your Brother Printer the Default equipment

When given print command, your PC always utilizes the default printer. Hence, please set your printer as the default one in the computer set to fix the “Brother printer not printing clearly” issue.

Kindly Reset the Print Spooler attributes

When your Brother printer spooler service is out of work, it can lead to” Brother Printer is not working or Brother Printer not printing clearly. You can resume your printer functionality by restarting the Print spooler services. Kindly hit the window Icon and R key together on the computer’s keyboard on the run window. Now type “services. msc and” on the run window and hit the ok button. After you have started the print spooler again and see if the Brother Printer not printing color problem has been rectified or not

Kindly Update the Printer Drivers

An incorrect or outdated printer driver is the root of several printer-related issues. Hence, if you’re bothered by the “Brother Printer not printing properly,” be mindful of updating its driver and check to see if the problem is fixed.

Shut Down The Backlog Of The Print Job

Your “Brother printer not printing color properly” if the print buffer fails or becomes blocked. If so, you can immediately restart printing by eliminating the backlog of output tasks.

Print Using Different Programs

Sometimes, a problem with the Brother printer, not printing occurs exclusively with specific applications. Printing from a different program will let you try out the printer. If it functions properly, the issue is with your application. Therefore, you should contact the company that created it for more help. But, if the issue still exists, kindly carry out the final remedy.

Perform a Factory Reset Of The Brother printer

You can successfully diagnose and repair various Brother printer not printing issues by tackling these typical reasons and applying the recommended fixes. Cleaning and tracking your printer can prevent Brother printer not printing issues and guarantee pleasant print quality. If nothing works, you must try resetting the Brother printer to its factory version. But before taking the factory reset step, kindly take back up of your customized setting that you want to use again. The factory reset will remove all the configuration and settings in the printer, and you need to begin from the start.


We are optimistic that all the remedies we have provided in this blog will help rectify and fix the Brother printer not printing properly, Brother Printer not printing color, or Brother Printer not printing ink on paper error. Kindly attempt all these solutions. If you need more details, you can read our Brother Printer Support article, where we have provided Brother Printer setup, installation, and error troubleshooting information,

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